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Sport Trac O2 sensor issues

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Installed a new engine in my 2005 Sport Trac. Now my 02 sensor bank 1 sensor 1 is reading high voltage. Replaced the old sensor, with a Wagner brand, it didn't help. The replaced the Wagner with a Motorcraft, thinking it may be brand specific. That didn't help. Now I'm looking for ideas on what to check out next. What am I missing? Any ideas are welcome. TIA
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I have a similar situation. I am interested in any ideas.
I've checked the purge valve, MAF sensor, injectors & for exhaust leaks. Everything is showing good. I'm still pulling up a high voltage code, bank 1 sensor 1. My next step is to change Bank 1 sensor 2, to see if it's back feeding somehow.
I'm still open for ideas.🤷
I am driving it daily, with no issues.
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