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Thoughts on MyFordTouch in the Explorer?

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What do you think of MyFordTouch? I have it on my Focus ST and really disappointed. The system seems slow and so glitchy. The concept is great, but it's feels more like a beta release.
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Hopefully they will continue to improve it as it is released in additional vehicles - working out the bugs and glitches...
I just bought a pre owned 2013 Limited and the first thing I did was to upgrade the software on the system. I am a Consumer Reports reader and an quite aware that they don't like My Ford Touch. Quite Frankly, for the first time, I think they are biased. There are a lot of things that it can control and the controls seem quite logical to me. I also like that I can access lots of things through the two control panels on the instrument panel with the buttons on the steering wheel.

I've only had it for two weeks and I have no complaints. My mileage is 22.5 for blended city/highway driving. We plan to take it on a trip next spring and I am hoping that we see mid 20's. We will be going down to sea level (I live in Colorado at 5,500') and the last time we did this trip in my wife's 2008 Sable, our mileage improved as we went down in altitude.

I previously had a 1991 and a 2000 Explorer's. This vehicle is such a major improvement. It's also quite a bit bigger. From the 2000, it's 6" longer and 8.5" wider, but on the inside, the first impression was that it was much more than that. One disappointment is that the middle 2nd row seat must be for an 8 year old. I don't know who else would have a butt that narrow. The speedometer is set up to show 140 MPH, but I would not want to be in it at that speed. On 1/4 of an arc on the readout it shows from 0 - 60, it would have been nice to spread this out over more of the readout and drop the top speed shown to a more reasonable number.
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