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Ok A year ago was driving along and clattering started. Got really back pretty fast. Got it home . Through process of elimination quickly concluded was timing chain. No big deal have replaced a few. Started tearing it down looking at the condition of different things deciding how much I was going to put into it. Went down to local auto supply for prices. And was asked do you want the kit with all four chains. All 4 what? If I didn't know the guy I would have thought he was trying to make a little extra. Anyway went home to find out that yes 2003 explorer with 4.0 has 4 timing chains. It was weeks before deciding to proceed in spite of the news that engine had to come out. Sorry enough BS.
Replaced all gears, guides, chains, tensioners. New water pump, head gaskets, intake and exhaust manifold, gaskets few other things. Checked valves rockers etc. Spit shined everything painted block and a few other parts new plugs , wires , all fluids. Was days before I gave myself permission to start it. After manually turning it over several dozen times.
So starts up but has bad exhaust leak rough ideal , has random misfire codes o2 sensor codes . I say hey no problem. No bad clanging, knocking or slamming of valves to piston . I did use special lock down tool. But knew I was in deep end.
Anyway that was 6 months ago. After fixing exhaust and new coil I drove it a few miles but knew something wasn't right and parked it in disgust. Had banged my head into a wall as long as I could. Went and bought a blazer was so mad. Well I want my explorer back.
Current day pulled intake and passenger valve cover because what was hearing was ticking or tapping from area of rear chain.
Findings guides in tack but I have pulled tensioner out but that side of chain is still tight, but inside part of chain has what I would say is too much slack. If both sides were as lose I think it would jump time.
So anyone still awake or following history ?
What do I need to do?
It almost seams like if I pulled rear cam gear with it locked down and split the chain slack on both sides that would fix. Then part of me says that would change timing. Or is that the problem. I use to think I was a good machinic. Now I'm second guessing everything. Ideas please.
Thank you
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