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My mechanic is claiming that my 2013 ford explorer was taken "off road" and that's how a transmission line was pulled off. I know for a fact I haven't taken it off road and only maybe hit a couple pot holes at most in it (we live in Ohio and the roads are pretty much made of pot holes with some cement slathered on in between). Is this common? How easily is the line pulled out? How soon would the transmission begin to show problems after the line had been pulled?
We bought this vehicle from a mechanic my husband knows through his work and he stated the motor had been replaced and only had about 60,000 miles on it (previous owner (mechanic) stated he took it in for an oil change.. Even though he is a mechanic himself (weird huh) and stated the technicians failed to refill the oil before giving it back to the owner which caused the motor to blow on it (still sounds fishy to me)) but the odometer read 201k, meaning everything else had the large amount of miles on it. I felt it had trans problems before my husband bought it and said don't buy it but he went ahead anyway. I have always noticed at almost exactly 40 mph, it had a weird vibration even if I was at a constant speed of 40mph. The vehicle was driving fine but was shifting just slightly hard so I had him check the fluid. It was low, he refilled it and the next time I drove it, (the next day) it began very hard shifting into any gear (even just running through the gears not moving) and slipping going from 2nd to 3rd and 3rd to 4th.
We had the recalls fixed on the vehicle about 2 months ago at the Ford dealership and about 3 weeks ago we had new tires put on the front of it and an alignment done at a local tire place. When we got it back from the Ford dealer from fixing the recalls, the head mechanic I spoke with told me that he himself, and another mechanic who test drove it said it drove funny. He said he couldn't exactly be specific on that and didn't pinpoint anything but one mentioned it to the other without the 1st test driver saying anything about it to the other. I told them I knew exactly what they meant but you'd have to drive it to understand. Its just weird.
The mechanic that has it now is also the mechanic who we bought it from and the one diagnosing and repairing it. Told us today it will be $2800 for a remanufactured transmission... And that's at his cost (supposedly no mark up) and no labor being paid.
I'm no mechanic by any means. I have worked on my vehicles over the years myself and with help from others but I'm not an expert and don't claim to be. But I knew this thing had problems. Something is smelling a lot like crap here and the bull in the corner is giving me a pretty good idea of what it is.
Anyone able to answer the questions I have? And does anyone else find anything suspicious about all this? Thanks!
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