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Hi there,

my name is Bastian, I come from Germany.
I own a 2010 V6 Explorer, Eddie Bauer.

I am a trained car mechatronic. I do mostly everything on the explorer on my own.
So far I did basic maintenance, overhauled the tranny, changed the suspension to Rancho etc.
That said, I usually know what I'm doing. But right now I'm stuck.

I ordered brand new calipers in the front. Installed them. New rotors, etc. as well. I first gravity bled them and later bled the system.
I get a hard brake pedal an NO air coming out of the bleeder.
After starting the engine, the brake pedal travels to the metal... Nearly no braking possible.
After realizing the rear ones need replacement too, I've done them as well.

Bled the system... Same situation.

So I went to a FORD Dealer in Germany, and took the car with me.
Asked him to do the bleeding with a diagnostic tool. Same situation. Brake pedal hard, no air coming. After starting the engine... Brake pedal sinking in.

His best guess is the main brake cylinder. Sounds possible to me but I'm not fully convinced.

Is there something I am missing? Did someone have that before?
I don't want to order in the USA, pay for shipping and the installment and have the same s**t again.


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Did you bleed each wheel with the pedal depressed..?

I guess you might have still air in the lines.
Try the two persons method bleeding first.

If that doesn't work,
Just take the master cylinder out very easy, and take it apart,
I'm damn sure you have a worn out rubber seal.

Just wipe it clean and put new seals in and vwalla.!!

It happened to me before and drove me crazy at first
I couldn't afford a new master cylinder,

I just took the old one a part, and believe it or not i used Teflon tape for testing and it worked.
Then i knew it was the two damn seals in there.

I think you can order the repair kit alone
But i didn't.
I lived with the Teflon tape till now without any issues with firm stable pedal
But to be honest i don't use the car that much. Maybe once or twice a month for off roading only.

But why did you change calipers in the first place..! You probably didn't need new one
Just clean the old pistons and relace the seals.

maybe you can find the kits @

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