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I will post this on Facebook Marketplace if it does not sell in 2 weeks from the date of this post, but I want to offer it to anyone in the three Explorer forums I am a member of first (local only). This normally sells for $59.99 on WeatherTech and I used it on my 2018 Explorer Sport. I used it for about 2 years. There is a crack from the left (driver's side) screw, about an inch long, see Pic. It does not go all the way thru. It is in great shape otherwise, to include the seal.

Not sure if anyone has purchased this product before, but the reason why I removed it, was that when driving over 70 mph, the turbulence the wind causes underneath it is strong enough to vibrate the sunroof glass to the OEM wind deflector underneath the actual glass. If you open the sunroof about an inch, it cures the problem. You just need to remember that it is open especially if you are washing your vehicle or going through a car wash. It only vibrated when going over 70 mph!!

I am offering this product to member that is local (Long Island), as I do not want to ship this product. I will even meet you somewhere for the transaction.

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