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Welcome to the site! Please post an introduction thread.

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To keep the place friendly, we ask that every new member post up an introduction thread letting us know a little bit about themselves, their current (and future) vehicles etc.

Please help us keep this site friendly and informative! Thanks in advance. :D
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Hey all!! I'm Keith from central Florida and the proud owner of my first Ford. A 2015 Explorer Limited. I turned 50 the first of Sept. so I bought myself my first ever brand new car for my birthday. I ordered it in June and took delivery on the 28th of Aug. Still getting to know it but I like most things so far. Will have a few questions especially from folks that have a 14 or 15 but for now just wanted to say hey!!
I'm Jeremy from pa. I own an 01 explorer sport that just rolled over 155k. Great car.
Just ordered a 2015 Sport with all the works traded my 2012 F150 Ecobost
Just bought a 13 Limited. Love it so far

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Lauren here, from southern WV. I have a 2013 platinum white Ford Explorer Sport and I LOVE it. We've had it for just over 2 years now and just went over 36,000mi. Even my husband likes it, which says a lot. lol. It's a great family car now for our 11 mos old daughter (and our boxer baby girl), without me feeling like I've relinquished all of my rights to be cool now that I'm a mom. ;)
Sheila from Oklahoma City, OK. Just purchased a 2014 Ford Explorer Limited. Is there any discussions on here regarding the performance, specifically a little dragging with acceleration. Hope that makes sense. Car looks great, but not happy with it's performance so far.
Hello all. Dan from Houston, TX. Traded in my 2012 Honda Pilot Touring for a 2013 Ford Explorer Sport in Tuxedo Black. The Explorer Sport is quite fun to drive. I did added on the Ford Remote Access module so that I can remotely control the alarm/remote start features from my Smartphone ($49.99/year). My primary reason though was to be able to receive text/email alerts if the alarm gets triggered which puts me at ease a little in case I got things in the car.
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Hello! My name is Debbie and I purchased my first Ford. A 2015 Ford Explorer Sport. It really has get up and go! That was the true selling feature for me. I live in the Chicago suburbs and can't wait to drive on the highways whenever I get the chance.
I do have questions on Sync but haven't yet figured out where to ask a question.
Hey gang, my name is Saul I'm from San Antonio, Tx. I just bought a gently used '14 Explorer's awesome!!! I've previously owned a gen 2 '96 explorer limited back in the day. Other vehicles in the stable include my wife's Lincoln MKZ and a '06 Mustang GT convertible. I'm enjoying the site.
Hi All,

I'm Dan from Colorado. I recently purchased a '13 Explorer XLT through a government auction. Previously have owned a 2008/2009 Ford Escape Hybrid, 2010 Ford Expedition XLT, and a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid
Fred from Woodland CA. Own a 2012 Explorer. Great car but have a current PU molding problem on drivers side arm rest (large air pocket) which has caused the vinyl seam to split. Out of warranty even though it is a factory defect. Would Ford cover. About 3 inches long where left elbow would rest


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Hi Everyone!! I'm Patrick from Central California. I recently purchased a 2016 Ford Explorer Sport. It is such an amazing Explorer, we enjoy driving it more and more each day.
Only thing we have noticed so far is the strange whoop/siren type noise it makes off and on.
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Hello..Stan and Monica from Fosston, Sask. Canada.Just bought a 2017 Explorer Limited..Ruby Red..
Traded our 2014 Escape that was the worse vehicle we ever owned..So moving on to a different model and engine..
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Hi everyone, Mike here from Oklahoma City. Recently bought a 2016 Explorer XLT. Mostly for my wife to drive (I get to drive it on road trips) haha.....I have owned 3 other Explorers and 1 Expedition over the past several years.
Hello..Stan and Monica from Fosston, Sask. Canada.Just bought a 2017 Explorer Limited..Ruby Red..
Traded our 2014 Escape that was the worse vehicle we ever owned..So moving on to a different model and engine..
Good luck with your new truck.. It's beautiful..I have a'14 same build same color... My husband wanted me to get an Escape but I wanted a bigger truck after my'03 expedition... I'm glad I didn't listen(lol) I love my Explorer!

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Hey All, good day to everyone. Just picked up a 2013 Ford Explorer XLT for my wife. She traded in a Lincoln MKX and its PCU was quickly failing. She is thrilled to get back to the more solid truck-like feel of the Explorer (me too!). We have had an Expedition, a Moutaineer, and a couple F-150s in the past and are a Ford family.

Right out of the gate (morning after taking delivery of the vehicle) we got the rotten egg smell issue:eek:. I shared with the dealership the service bulletin (TSB 14-0130) and they agreed to remedy the situation ASAP. Hoping they get it right because we really like the Explorer.

Looking forward to being an active member of the forum. :cool:
Greetings to all.

I'm Danny G and live in sunny California. Late last year I purchased my 3rd Explorer, a 2015 Limited. My last one was in the 90s so I'm really impressed with the improvements, especially the ride.

I'm looking forward to the benefits of the forum.
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