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What does this symbol mean on my dash ?

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New to the ford family. Just picked up this family car the other day from the dealership. It’s a 2016 limited ford explorer. I’ve noticed the last few days when I drive the vehicle will randomly “pull” to the left and right. When it is doing this, there is a symbol on my dash that lights up yellow or red. Other times the light isn’t on or both sides are green. Im assuming it’s something to do with traction but I can’t figure it out on google. I took pictures of the symbol I’m referring to. It happens when I’m driving outside on a normal road, sunny day. So I’m not sure what’s going on. Or what the different light color means. Sometimes both sides are green, sometimes one side is green the other is yellow. Ect.
Here are two pictures. Any insight would be fantastic lol

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Probably your lane-keeping feature. The owner's manual should confirm that.
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