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Why not the Explorer ST?

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I wonder why Ford decided against giving the new Explorer Sport the ST badge? I think to avoid confusion with the older Explorer Sport it would have been a good move to give it a different name.. Thoughts?
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Why would you want a common badge like ST when you can show off your 2014 Explorer Sport as one of an elite group? To do that, do what I did. Go to your friendly Ford dealer and have them replace the back badge, the one that says 'Ecoboost' with a badge from a 2013 Taurus SHO that says 'SHO Ecoboost'. You're not lying. You have the engine, brakes, and a stiff suspension.

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The ST isn't all that common and only available on two models. I do like your idea of replacing the back badge. It looks really good!

Have you seen these black Ecoboost badges?

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I think auto manufactures are missing the boat when it comes to branding their performance vehicles. Is the goal to confuse everyone? GT, SHO, ST, RS, Sport, SVT, etc..... Why isn't there some consistency across the platforms? I suppose everyone knows GT is Mustang. When ST became available and is now a performance package for two platforms, things started to get muddled. Chevy sort of used the SS as a performance package until they named a car the SS. That also confused everyone. I guess I agree with Dan, I like the idea of ST being a performance and trim package across platforms. Perhaps RS would be the next step up above ST (like the Cobra was to the Mustang GT or the SS Camaro was to the Z28). Either way, I wish it made some sense.
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